Everybody was Kung Fu Panda fighting!!

What’s cooler than a regular panda? A KUNG FU panda.

I don’t think you can beat Jack Black for the voice in this movie. I might endure the crowds of little kids to go see this one. Maybe I’ll just kidnap one of my little cousins and expose them to the awesomeness of the panda. Looks like it’s in theaters June 6.



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Oh So True!

Well, wouldn’t you if you ate up to 40 lbs of bamboo each day?

This wonderfully clever magnet is available on Tinaseamonter’s Etsy Page.

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KungFuCowGirl on Etsy

KungFuCowGirl has all sorts of amazingly cute goodies on her site, but of course, the pandas pouches are my fav.

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Lazy Pandas

Check out these a-doorbell salt and pepper shakers from Modcloth.com.

These pandas totally look like me after a big yummy meal.

Especially if I need to clean up the kitchen.

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Great Wall of Panda

I don’t think you could ever be unhappy in a room like this.

The pandas will always be happy to see you!!

Available at Modcloth.com.

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I’ll take ten pandas pweez.

Check out these super cute pencil sharpeners from Modcloth.com.

I’ll just take ten pandas, pweez. Ok, ok, the others are pretty damn cute too. They can come play in my cubicle too.

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Comfy Pandas?

As seen on FurnitureSeen.com

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Be a Panda T-Shirt from Threadless

Be A Panda T-Shirt available at Threadless.com

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Hello Panda! Welcome to my blog.

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