Let’s GO GO Gadget Panda!!

I want one of each, pls. KTHX. Everything about this is amazing.

I found these at www.strapya-world.com for about $12 USD.

1. It’s a panda AND it’s a mini car. What a wonderful combination.

2. It’s remote controlled and has the absolute best diagram in the WORLD to explain this.

3. The web site has the best description ever.

Panda riding is a very popular attraction for children at the amusement grounds. For grown-ups, who can not ride on panda cars any more, enjoy this mini panda car! Panda car runs in a surprisingly high speed! Let’s get excited!!”

I am definitely one of those grown-ups who cannot ride in panda cars anymore, therefore this product is for me.

Oh how I love thee Japan. I don’t think I need to say more.


February 21, 2008. Cute, Gadgets. Leave a comment.