Panda Pants!!

When I first saw these pandariffic outfits, I was completely overwhelmed with excitement. How a-doorbell!! But then I started digging a little deeper and learned a lot more about the designer and the interesting controversy surrounding him.

Zhao Bandi is a Chinese artist who uses pandas as a way to raise awareness around certain social issues.

His past works have involved photographs featuring him and his little stuffed panda, which symbolized China’s one-child policy. He used creative messages to often parody Chinese State propaganda on such social issues as smoking, cloning, road safety and SARS. Many of these can be seen here:

His most recent effort was a fashion collection shown at China Fashion Week, where he again used the panda as a platform for his own commentary. Each “panda” garment represented a different social status highlighting some of the country’s social problems.

Although I thought this was an amazingly innovative way to promote your messase, Chinese officials do not seem to agree. Their reaction has caused them to create laws prohibiting the “demeaning” use of panda imagery. They feel the panda is a national treasure whose image should not be tainted by such messages.

In January, Bandi showed his pieces again, but this time on a large yacht. Details and photos of this show are at:

Click Here for a link explaining the whole situation.

The Bride


The Teacher

The Mistress



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KungFuCowGirl on Etsy

KungFuCowGirl has all sorts of amazingly cute goodies on her site, but of course, the pandas pouches are my fav.

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Be a Panda T-Shirt from Threadless

Be A Panda T-Shirt available at

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