Continuing The Panda Dog Theme


Why do they all look concerned or grumpy?

You’re a panda, it can’t be THAT bad.


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Panda Yum Yum

I spotted this shirt at a book store this weekend.

I was going to blog about the shirt, but COMPLETELY got distracted by these super SWEET cupcakes.

I’m pretty sure I like cupcakes ALMOST as much as I like pandas.


Directions here: Link.

Found on Greg McElhatton’s Flickr at Link.


Found on Nanda Prado’s Flickr at Link.

Found on Paris Mavis’s Flickr at Link.


Ok, Ok, I know this one isn’t a REAL cupcake, but cute nonetheless.

I’m going to go make cupcakes now, kbye!!

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Closest Thing To A Pet Panda

My dog’s name is panda, but what I really want is a panda dog.

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